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A Decade of Digital Mischief

25 Nov 2016

One more off the bucket list. I present to you my showreel: A Decade of Digital Mischief.

As it turns out (didn’t realise it until recently), 2016 is somewhat special. 10 years ago I made a decision that, to be frank, could have been a total disaster. A leap of faith, as some would say.

I’ve been designing for digital media since way before digital had any place in an ad agency. Back when mainstream folks wanted nothing to do with it. And likewise, I wanted nothing to do with what was mainstream.

For me, that all changed in 2006. Shift happens. And I’ve been trying to shift the future closer to the present ever since (chewahh). I like calling the work as work made for us #InTheNotSoDistantFuture.

Anyway, I’m talking too much (crap). Enjoy the showreel. It’s a variety of projects I was involved with since 2006. Some integrated, some purely digital. Some experiments and prototypes. And a few odd ones. Win or learn. They all meant something significant to me, looking back. You can see more over at my (soon to be updated — hopefully/can’t promise) showcase.


Music credit: Straight Outta Compton remix by Kid606