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20 May 2017


It’s equipped with an “old” smartphone!

Old Phone Save Cars

Wait, what?

Malaysia has a serious car theft problem. We’re ranked 6th in the world for stolen cars, with an insane average of 60 cars stolen per day!

What’s worse, going by the stats, the issue mainly affects car owners of the lower income group.

Modern car theft deterrents and systems are expensive. Most car owners opt to rely on the traditional methods like cheap steering locks and standard door alarms.

It’s no wonder why vehicle theft is such a lucrative activity here. It’s super easy to steal a car!

On the flipside, we Malaysians love smartphones. It’s such a commodity these days that it’s easy for everyone to upgrade to the latest models. This has created a landfill of “old” but perfectly usable smartphones in nearly every household.

The Cheapest Vehicle Tracking Solution

OPSC (Old Phones Save Cars) enables car owners to repurpose their “old” smartphones by turning them into a simple yet modern anti-theft car system.

It’s an affordable easy-to-install DIY kit that makes it possible for car owners to:

  • Track their car location at all times
  • Get notified of any suspected activities
  • Send alerts to authorities and social networks when their car is stolen

Best of all, the kit costs less than a regular steering lock!
(Ideally below RM50)

Will it counter theft?

Obviously, this won’t save everyone from getting their car stolen. But it’ll help give them a better chance of recovering it, no doubt.

Furthermore, with a healthy adoption by car owners of the lower income group, it was also intended to collect valuable data and evidence for a crackdown of the vehicle theft syndicates.