Makmal Jaheart

Old Phones Save Cars

2016, TBA

Digital Arts Network (TBWA)
Associate Creative Director, Innovations
Old Phones Save Cars for TBA in 2016

Car theft is a serious issue in Malaysia, which ranks 6th in the world for number of cars stolen. An average of 60 cars stolen per day, mainly affecting the lower income group.

Due to affordability, modern anti-theft car systems are not popular. Instead, car owners rely on cheap alternatives like steering locks and door alarms.

With the OPSC (Old Phones Save Cars) Kit, car owners can repurpose their old smartphones by turning them into a simple yet modern anti-theft car system.

This affordable and easy to install DIY kit makes it possible for car owners to:

  • Track their car location at all times
  • Get notified of any suspected activities
  • Send alerts to authorities and social networks when their car is stolen

And this all costs less than a regular steering lock.