Makmal Jaheart

Sounds of Story Time

2015, Eveready

Digital Arts Network (TBWA)
Associate Creative Director, UX & Tech
Sounds of Story Time for Eveready in 2015

Story time moments between young kids and their parents are slowly being taken over by on-demand interactive games on mobile devices.

What if we could rekindle modern parents and their children with the magic of traditional storybooks?

We wanted to change the way stories were told simply by adding a new dimension to story time.

Through the power of sound, we melded mobile technology with the traditional art of storytelling and created a way for children’s storybooks to come alive.

Sounds of Story Time opens up a new, yet familiar way for today’s parents and their little listeners to bond, and experience stories in a new light.


Try the mobile web app that was inspired by Eveready’s “Sang Kancil Cari Cahaya” interactive storybook (view integrated case study).

Adfest Awards, Kancil Awards
Behind The Scenes

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