Makmal Jaheart

The Rasa Sayang Connection

2015, McDonald's

This project was part of our Rasa Sayang brand campaign for McDonald's. Due to unforeseen circumstances, creative duties went back to its incumbent agency, and that put the extended parts of the campaign on indefinite hold.

Watch the Rasa Sayang brand campaign video below.

Digital Arts Network (TBWA)
Associate Creative Director
The Rasa Sayang Connection for McDonald's in 2015
When we were kids, it wasn't just about the meals, deals and toys. It's the little things McDonald's do that made us feel the love. And as we grow older, McDonald's role in our lives changes with us. From a place we celebrate our birthdays to a place we spend countless hours doing homework. But as our lives get busier and busier, we must not forget what's most important to us: Family. The Rasa Sayang Connection serves free WiFi connections, but to connect you need to connect with your loved ones first.