Maharis Azman

Design & Innovation, The Makmal

  • GMT+8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Make Things Better by Making Better Things

Maharis Azman is a creative technologist based in KL, Malaysia. His focus is on UX/UI, product design, digital experience, and research for AI in digital accessibility & assistive tech.

Work with Maharis


Content: Three Ways Design Thinking Enhances a Brand's Competitive Edge
Project: Zero Waste Food Bazaar
Project: Sounds of Story Time
Content: Three Ways Brand Innovation Unlocks Growth Opportunities for Brands
Content: Three Ways Artificial Intelligence Improves The User Experience for All
Project: The Cheapest Vehicle Tracking Solution
Project: Old Phones Save Cars
Content: Embrace The Chaos. A Designer's Guide to Managing Risks in Innovation
Visual: The Makmal x Superhumans
Visual: Creative Tech Workshop
Visual: for Crest Consulting Group
Visual: HCCF Ramadan dan Rakan-Rakan
Visual: for HCCF
Visual: AI wearable Mikail
Visual: for Naluri Hidup
Visual: Old Phones Save Cars
Visual: for Toko Kilat
Visual: for Majlis Sukan Negeri Johor
Visual: for Gimme Shelter Service Chop
Visual: Cheapest Anti-Theft Car System for U Mobile
Visual: Alarm Sekitar for Thunderworks Lab
Visual: for ThunderWorks Lab
Visual: Zero Waste Food Bazaar for HCCF
Visual: Car-o-Sell AI for Toyota Malaysia
Visual: for ChopJaheart
Visual: FB Caller ID Hijack
Visual: The Invisible Concert Tour
Visual: #LetsGetReal for Taylor's University
Visual: for Maybank Singapore
Visual: Music City by HypeTunes for Telekom Malaysia
Visual: VW Golf GTI. Only for the advanced for Volkswagen Malaysia
Visual: VW Polo. Polo Rocks for Volkswagen Malaysia
Visual: VW Scirocco. The Racing Line Challenge for Volkswagen Malaysia
Visual: for BMW Malaysia
Visual: Talking Cock Chatbot for Nando's
Visual: Pemacu Api for Toko Kilat/The Gasket Alley
Visual: TumBeli/Tumpang Beli
Visual: Vans Street Takeover for Vans Malaysia
Visual: What Are The Odds for Tune Protect
Visual: Win More Than Metal for Kancil Awards
Visual: Creative Workshop for Taylor's University
Visual: Creative Tech Workshop for Ad Agencies
Visual: for Toko Kilat
Visual: for The Makmal
Visual: Innovation Thunder Initiative
Visual: ThunderApp Audit for Thunderworks Automation
Visual: Old Phones Save Cars