Maharis Azman

Design & Innovation, The Makmal

  • GMT+8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Make Things Better by Making Better Things

Maharis Azman is a creative technologist based in KL, Malaysia. His focus is on UX/UI, product design, digital experience, and research for AI in digital accessibility & assistive tech.

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Maharis on Making Things Better

Presentation: Make Things Better by Making Better Things

Make It Not Boring Workshop (Aug 2023)

Unleash Creativity: Designing Beyond Conventions

When we envision design workshops, our minds often gravitate towards established tools and methodologies. But what if the path to innovative design lies not in adhering to conventions, but in daring to explore the uncharted realms? Welcome to "Make It Not Boring," a design workshop that beckons UX/UI designers to break free from the clutches of Design Systems, UI Kits, Web Frameworks, and Best Practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace uncertainty to fuel innovation.
  • Deconstruct to reimagine, innovate, and reconstruct.
  • Merge user-centric design with the edge of technology.
  • Balance innovation and usability for extraordinary experiences.
  • Master rapid prototyping to turn imagination into reality.

Who Should Attend:

For the bold UX/UI designers yearning to transcend norms, "Make It Not Boring" is your clarion call. If you're ready to step beyond conventions, toying with creativity and redefining rules, join us on this voyage. This workshop welcomes you to decode the rules, only to revolutionize them with ingenious intent. The extraordinary awaits.

Let's convene for a day of boundless exploration and hands-on experimentation. Remember, in design's realm, understanding rules paves the way to breaking them ingeniously. It's time to Make It Not Boring.

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Speaker Profile

Maharis has over 20 years experience building and leading digital design & technology teams of various sizes across a broad range of digital product, digital transformation and innovative marketing. He is passionate about the potential of design╩╝s impact in a digital world.

Maharis has led work for brands such as Honda, Volkswagen, BMW-MINI, PROTON, Taylor's University, UEM Sunrise, Fonterra, Mister Potato, KFC, McDonald's, Nando's, Maxis-Hotlink, U Mobile, and Telekom Malaysia.

His teams have won accolades at international and local award shows such as Spikes Asia, Adfest, Effies Awards, APPIES Awards, Kancil Awards, and Webby Awards.


  • Logo: Superhumans
  • Logo: The Makmal
Visual: The Makmal x Superhumans
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Visual: for HCCF
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Visual: for Majlis Sukan Negeri Johor
Visual: for Gimme Shelter Service Chop
Visual: Cheapest Anti-Theft Car System for U Mobile
Visual: Alarm Sekitar for Thunderworks Lab
Visual: for ThunderWorks Lab
Visual: Zero Waste Food Bazaar for HCCF
Visual: Car-o-Sell AI for Toyota Malaysia
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Visual: Old Phones Save Cars