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Make Things Better by Making Better Things

Maharis Azm is a digital creative director based in KL, Malaysia. His focus is on UX/UI, product design, digital experience, and research for AI in digital accessibility & assistive tech.

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Maharis on Making Things Better

Presentation: Make Things Better by Making Better Things

Topic (Jan 2023)

Innovate Solutions to Real Problems by Creatively Rethinking Technology

When we think about innovation, we often think about using the latest and greatest technologies to come up with new ideas. But sometimes, the key to solving a problem lies in looking at existing technologies in a new way. By reimagining how we use technology, we can generate creative solutions that are both innovative and effective.

In this talk, we will explore the power of creative reimagining and how it can help us solve real-world problems. We will also be discussing some examples of how this approach has been used successfully in the past. I am excited to dive into this topic with you and to see the potential solutions that we can come up with.


This talk is for anyone interested in creative tech, regardless of experience.


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Speaker Profile

Maharis has over 20 years experience building and leading digital design & technology teams of various sizes across a broad range of digital product, digital transformation and innovative marketing. He is passionate about the potential of design╩╝s impact in a digital world.

Maharis has led work for brands such as Honda, Volkswagen, BMW-MINI, PROTON, Taylor's University, UEM Sunrise, Fonterra, Mister Potato, KFC, McDonald's, Nando's, Maxis-Hotlink, U Mobile, and Telekom Malaysia.

His teams have won accolades at international and local award shows such as Spikes Asia, Adfest, Effies Awards, APPIES Awards, Kancil Awards, and Webby Awards.


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